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Why you must switch to
Smart Hotel?

Our Smart Hotel technology offers touch less and unforgettable stay experience to guests. With our cloudless technology guests can simply scan provided QR code to use in room appliances, order food and many more.
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  • Covid-19 compliance
  • Unforgettable guest stay experience
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Increase revenue
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Stay ahead of competition

Sounds amazing!

See what all we offer for Smart Hotel!
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IoTronix is helping hotels adopt smart hotel technology at affordable cost. Our cloudless technology and innovative business model offers benefit of smart hotel at the fraction of cost.
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Icons - IoTronix
  • Works without internet.
  • Scan and use QR code.
  • Switch ON/OFF lights
  • Dim lights, Control fan speed
  • Change room temperature
  • Change channel on TV
  • Geyser ON/OFF
  • Smart motion sensor
  • Schedule and routine
  • Voice control your devices
  • Change mood light color
  • One tap device discovery

Loved our hotel offerings?

Here's how we do it


Our team will visit your hotel and inspect for feasibility of the project


We will further analyze the data to calculate budget estimation and other miscellaneous requirements


Either opt for pay as you go or buy all infrastructure by paying one time


Our team will install and test the entire system untill smooth operation is achieved

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