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A business must create equal opportunity for all stakeholders of society

Can you influence people to buy our products?
Yes! Then put them to use and earn 50K per month with our referral program.

Non confirmed referral

In this program you will be referring clients which we will try to convince to install IoTronix's devices. All head ache is ours you will just earn the commission on successful conversion.

Requirements : No special requirements
Benifit: Commission upto 5% & perks
Estimated earning : ₹10,000 - ₹20,000

What will I have to do?

If you have a good network of people who wants to convert their home into smart home you can refer them and earn upto 5% commission.

What IoTronix will do?

We will arrange meetings with your referrals, install devices, also we will provide after sale support for any issue.

Suitable for

If you have very limited time to make sales on our behalf you can just refer potential clients we will do the rest.

Confirmed referral

In this program you will be referring us clients and we will take care of installation and after sales service
Requirements : Skills to convince clients
Benifit: Commission upto 15% & perks
Estimated earning : ₹30,000 - ₹50,000

What will I have to do?

You will be having responsibility of referring us 100% confirmed clients who are sure to install IoTronix's devices

What IoTronix will do?

We will install devices, provide after sale support for any issue. We will not arrange any additional physical meetings.

Suitable for

If you can afford to spend few hours a week to convert you referrals into buyer than you are good to go with it.


Role of an entrepreneur is to create more entrepreneurs

How do I start it?

Start Smart home business with minimal investment in your city/locality and earn 50K to 300K per month!

Get one time agreement done and deposit a minimal refundable security, hurrah you are onboarded.

Procure original device from our manufacturing hub and stock in your local store/warehouse.

Market the products are per your strategy and sell as per your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the security amount?
Minimum security amount is ₹30,000. We will send you devices worth or 30,000. You can either sell those devices or install in your own home, once you return the devices in working condition we will refund you the amount.
Will I be trained?
Ofcourse, you will be trained how our devices works, how to install the devices, some basics troubleshooting etc. You will also be trained to handle some miscellenous cases.
How can I buy the devices?
You can reach our sales department, make the payment as per agreement and device cost and devices will be shipped to you.

Transportation cost to be beared by the distributor. In case of bulk order we will ship the devices for free.
What is the full process to become distributor?
1. Onboarding
2. Procure devices from our manufacturing hub
3. Sell the products as per your convinience

You can contact us for any further queries.