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Message from Founder & CEO

Message from Founder & CEO

We are grateful to IoTronix community members for being part of our journey and helping us to grow faster and bigger. Above all supporting us like family and extending your love.

Our future is all electric thus efficient and responsible use is necessity. We promise to innovate and offer the best technology as tool to increase efficient and responsible use of electric energy. I am certain that we'll work together to make things happen. For a better and brighter tomorrow!

Santosh Verma
Founder & CEO at IoTronix

What Community says about IoTronix!

NRG Wellness

After 5 months of Installing Home Automation of IoTronix we have measured the heavy decrement in our electricity Bills. Also its smooth and fast operation helped us in refining our patients experience.
Prashant Upadhyay

Products are awesome and futuristic. They are going to change the way we operate electronic appliances control. Thanks to IoTronix
Techboons 2.O

Before IoTronix, I tried 2 other automation services but was not getting a smooth experience , finally iotronix helped converting my normal youtube studio into smart studio.
Nishant Gupta

Earlier I used to forget to switch off my home appliances while leaving home. Now I can schedule, switch them off being anywhere in the world.

This is one time investment and user-friendly product, easy to control our HOME appliance andπŸ‘‰πŸ» this is our future!!
Suraj Kumar

I love i-Switch because it's compact, easily fits inside electric board and it's user interface is amazingly easy to use.
Krishna Ojha

IoTronix products our awesome and especially in terms how fast and reliable they are. Great job team IoTronix.
Diwesh Dutta

They provide Awesome Services. Highly recommended.
Rajat Goyal

Being a user and part of Iotronix community for more than 6 months now, I must say that these people truely stay on their commitments. Their products are really really reliable, affordable...
Raj Prakash

IoTronix is one of those companies which can be even trusted blindly in terms of safety and also the products they provide is brilliant. The team has a real sense of empathy and cooperation...
Raju Navindgi

One of earliest of IoTronix customer, devices are working flawlessly. Passionate team, Good service. Highly recommended

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