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On a mission to create a state-of-the-art home automation system equipped with AI as its brain and technology as its heart.

5+ years in industry
9+ Exclusive patents
6+ Achievements
900+ Happy clients
1000+ Projects
25+ Team members
Meet us

We are pioneers in the field of engineering and technology who love to face challenges and solve problems every day. We hold over 70 patents and some of them have already made breakthrough in industry.


To replace inefficient mechanical switches with efficient, secure, leisure smart devices.
Breakthrough we made so far
  • First to discover the lowest density fluid ever found in nature.
  • First to build the laptop package. This revolutionized the computer industry around the globe in the 1990s.
  • First to develop point-to-point Interconnect also called as “Quick Path Interconnect”. Today all multi-chip/multi-core computer architecture is based on that point-to-point design.
  • Developed atomic scale, multi layer thin films to relate magnetic, mechanical and thermometric properties of thin films to crystallographic and morphological structures. Atomically thin multi layers have since enabled many industries and have been extensively used in recording industry.
  • IEEE Fellow award in the year 2000 for contribution in the field of engineering and technology
  • Filed 9 patents during 2014-2015.
Why us

We have proven capabilities not only in creating new technologies but also in developing an existing technology for the betterment of people. We also have world class experience to handle failures and tackle unavoidable circumstances.

Early 2013

The Big Bang

It was early 2013 when founders first contacted.
March 2014

The seed

In early 2014 we had taken our first step towards building a technology business. Built and installed our first motion sensor device in college.
December 2014


Post data collection and testing we had installed upgraded motion sensor device in hostel and college.
April 2017

First sight

Begin testing of first prototype of IoT device.
December 2017

First fruit

Finally 1st generation devices launched for demonstration of technology and test overall capabilities.
September 2018

Smallest and most economical IoT device

With the launch of 2nd generation devices it became smallest IoT devices and designed with least no of components on board. It leads to significant reduction in manufacturing cost and failure rate.
October 2018

Launch of subscription model

Hotels are most handicapped segment when it comes to technology adaptation. Instead of buying and investing huge hotels can get their hotel smart at zero investment.
June 2019

Most reliable IoT device

Launch of 3rd generation devices.
July 2019

E-warranty and Lifetime warranty

To bring trust between customers about IoT technology, IoTronix launched world’s first lifetime warranty option for smart devices.
December 2019

World’s first switchless technology

We had tested our capability to replace mechanical inefficient switches with smart switches by taking and building World’s first switch less home project.
January 2020

World’s first cloudless technology

To address rising privacy and security concerns from consumer side, IoTronix launched its state of the art 4th generation devices. Its cloudless technology does not store any data in cloud and gives super power to consumer privacy. Cloudless technology makes system foolproof against security threads.

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