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What is IoTronix's cloudless technology and how it works?

Smart devices are going to be part of our daily life in the coming decade. Smart devices not only make life more comfortable and luxurious but also offer tangible benefits to the user at the same time in terms of security, safety, and efficiency. There is no doubt that very soon controlling household appliances with a Smartphone will become part of our daily life too.

IoTronix's cloudless technology

A typical smart home technology uses cloud infra to store user information (i.e. login details, data related to devices, activity data, and others) and process commands to/from user and device. See the block diagram below:

There is a rising concern between users about privacy, security, reliability, and affordability of smart home devices.

Introducing the world's first cloudless technology by IoTronix. IoTronix's cloudless technology keeps all user information data stored in locally installed servers with no access to anyone else but the user. See the block diagram below:

IoTronix's cloudless technology does not rely on cloud and users can use them in "LOCAL ONLY MODE" with or without any internet connection from the beginning.

IoTronix is also working on long-range technologies i.e. LoRa to bring homes online with no or very limited internet infra.

There are numerous advantages of IoTronix's cloudless technology and we at IoTronix believe that it'll help homes become more efficient, safe, secure, and comfortable for users. IoTronix promises to bring the most advanced and affordable technology to achieve that goal.

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